Best-in-Class Cloud Surveillance Solutions

ControlByNet offers many options to ensure your risk is under control and that you have the latest software and benefits at your browser fingertips.  We developed the surveillance solution specific to the Multifamily industry and it is trusted by many communities across the nation.  We want to help you with the best solution and be an ongoing partner to ensure your communities are safe.

ControlByNet’s Surveillance Software is Best-in-Class:
Secure, Video Analytics, Notifications

Cloud Video Surveillance Software Has a User-Friendly Interface


  • Designed for Ease-of-Use by Interface Experts, Not Hardware Manufacturers
  • 24/7 Browser Access to Any Live Video or Video Archive on Any Device
  • Always Updating for Feature and Security Enhancements


  • Single Secure Company Branded Web Browser Log-In Across All Sites
  • Multiple Viewer Level Access – All Permissible Sites Presented after Log-In
  • Centralized User Database


  • Work with Almost Any Camera; Analog, IP, License Plate
  • Easy to Convert Existing Systems without Changing Cameras


  • No Recording Device Required at Many Sites
  • Secure Managed Servers
  • Notification of Offline Cameras; Power or Internet
  • Usage & Uptime Reports


  • Easy to Duplicate Across Sites
  • Provides that Standardization & Consistency Desired
  • Ancillary Products to Support Managers
  • Guard Station: Onsite Solution for Guarding Properties or Remotely Guarding
  • Full Screen Viewer

Tip:  If you can’t view a live demo from your own computer or mobile device…..don’t trust it!

Cloud Access Control

ControlByNet partners with the leading new technology cloud access control solution providers to provide seamless browser access for live administration and reporting.  Network-based readers, keypads and mobile access are a requirement for systems of today.

Cloud Access Control for Video Surveillance

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