Surveillance, access control, security; just like email, accounting and many other functions they are now a service versus a commodity on a shelf.  Technology changes monthly or even weekly in some cases and an owner needs to be receiving those changes to keep a system running smooth or to take advantage of the latest features and benefits.

What are Some Items that Help Control Risk to a Multifamily Owner or Manager?

Secure Data

Is your video secure and is it backed up?  What happens if you lose data?  Is it encrypted and safe from theft?

Operational Uptime

What happens when something occurs and the answer is ‘well that camera wasn’t working’? A camera that’s in place is expected to be operational and the recording system should also be operational. The systems we handle are expected to be up 99% as a minimum which is a very acceptable range for any legal entity.


Are you using current technology or just buying the cheapest camera sold at the highest price from an audio-video technician up the block? Are you using surveillance or access experts with industry experience in technology solutions? Will this technology be up-to-date in 2 years?

Network Security

Is your provider doing firmware updates on the IP cameras to ensure they aren’t being used as a hacking mechanism at other sites? Is the access to cameras locked down?

Evidence Retrieval,
Court Testifying

Is your video approved for use in courts, and do you get assistance building evidence videos for the police? We have testified in trials on the video accuracy and validity.


Are camera locations, types and network information documented in your cloud portal? If someone leaves the community is that information readily available for the replacement, or is there someone who handles those responsibilities?

At ControlByNet we are recognized as the experts in multifamily surveillance with solutions that were built to benefit the multifamily industry. Our STAR SERVICE actually takes care of the risk for you.

Star Service Includes

One Company = One Cloud

• Consistent feature set and user experience across the organization

Property Inspection

• View changes or obstructions
• Orientation changes
• Focus issues

Instant Notification of Offline Cameras or Connection Interruption

Fast forensic search and evidence gathering

• We work with onsite management and the police
• Our experienced crew, service and software drastically reduce event search time

System Maintenance

• Automatic Feature Updates
• Security Updates / Policy Enforcement

Hassle-Free Professional Installation


• Save budget – use previously purchased cameras
• You purchase and own equipment and we’ll manage/host
• Option to roll all expenses into a fixed monthly

Customer Familiarity

• Property diagram
• Network / Camera settings
• Emergency numbers