Organizational Control

As an executive or a regional manager can you name the surveillance solution at your properties?  You can probably name the email system, document management, accounting and on and on…so why do you not know about the one that could record vandalism, theft or even a physical crime?

Organizational control is about taking a top-down approach and relaying down the line that this is the system we are using, or this is the vendor we are using, and any additions/changes should be in those same technology platforms that all work together. Even different vendors can use the same system if it’s driven from the top. The supporting vendor should be local, but that vendor may not need to choose the system because that’s when you have 40 different systems for 40 different properties. Imagine that support!

Systems that work together are critical for efficiency and support. If you cannot log into all your properties on your home computer and see live and archived video….why not? Storm in one city, a crime in another, a social event in another, construction in another; wouldn’t you want to bounce from community to community with a single web login. Also seeing similar cameras with similar important views (not looking at a bush or the ground)? This is very possible today with cloud technology.

These ideas should be standard in the organization, not passed down for each site or construction manager to decide the security of the community on his or her own. It’s too important and goes right back to the risk management of a property.

Multiple Property Organizational Control for Security Camera Surveillance