How ControlByNet’s Multifamily Video Surveillance Solution Makes Managers & Owners Lives Easier


The Community at Medlock Bridge


Medlock Bridge consisted of 28 cameras scattered across 2 clubhouses, 2 pools, 8 tennis courts, 1 lake and a large activity field. The video surveillance solution involved 3 DVR’s (today often called appliances or bridges), 4 different brands of cameras…half analog…and no remote access to video. Each DVR was in a different closet with a monitor on top where the manager had to go for access to video. One was off due to a previous power outage (from 3 weeks prior). There was no mobile phone or tablet access, even trying it didn’t work because the software on the DVR’s was 10 years old (although the DVR’s were only installed 3 years ago). It was 3 different systems entirely which unfortunately is the normal way for cctv installers of yesteryear to provide a solution – based on ease of install, fastest hardware dollars and hastiest exit.


After diagnosing all the issues with the previous installation, it was a fairly easy conversion to ControlByNet’s solution, which instead of being mass produced to meet all businesses in the world is focused towards the multifamily market. A single managed server at the largest location, with all the other cameras remotely connecting over the cloud back to that server running a SINGLE solution.

Among the many advantages over the old solution:

  • Single sign-on access to ALL cameras
  • Access from ANY mobile device 24/7
  • Instantly provide access to police, or download and send videos from anywhere
  • Easier user interface for managers which means more productivity and usability
  • Managers/Owners with other properties using ControlByNet still only have a single sign-on which lists all accessible properties – Not many diverse systems, single solution
  • Notifications of any camera disconnects
  • SD card storage in remote cameras for consistent recording during building maintenance
  • Guarding? Availability for remote guarding to lessen patrols.

ControlByNet developed the video surveillance solution to fit the needs of the multifamily market and works with managers and owners to find the right solution for each property. The ability to link common properties together under a single owner or management company is unavailable through any hardware solutions. Knowing the software will support new mobile devices and work with the latest hardware is critical to the long-term viability of any video surveillance solution.

For more information on ControlByNet please visit our homepage at or visit to see how we address all the aspects around your surveillance.  You may also email directly at


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