ControlByNet Adds Support for Axis AVMD Motion Analytics

ControlByNet has developed a solution for the new Axis AVMD 4.0 and previous versions on-camera motion detector analytics to fully report events to the ControlByNet Cloud/Managed Video Surveillance Solution. Not only will the motion events triggered by AVMD, show up in ControlByNet’s easy-to-use web interface timeline, but also fully operate with its Guard/Concierge station platform.

“This will enable our customers to use onboard analytics at those non-critical sites, where they feel comfortable using the Axis AVMD to eliminate false triggers, but still let them utilize the same user interface that we have worked so hard on to remain powerful yet simple and friendly”, says Ryan Strange, President of ControlByNet. “Actually we can also record our stream as well with less sensitivity requirements to catch things that could be missed, so it’s the best of both worlds.”

The solution not only allows alerts to populate in ControlByNet’s solutions but also notifies if an SD card has failed to record/report video. In addition, video recorded directly to an SD card can be accessed directly from the ControlByNet user interface, thereby reducing the inconvenient requirement of going camera-by-cameras to look at events and videos.

About ControlByNet (
ControlByNet LLC develops and provides solutions for cloud & managed video surveillance. ControlByNet’s software is the cornerstone for the new video surveillance business solution utilizing the cloud. Their solutions support cameras, like the Axis AVMD, and integrate seamlessly across an organization creating limitless installation scenarios. Full cloud video recording, managed servers, single sign-on with multiple levels of access from any location, 100% browser-based from all desktop and mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Firefox and Safari).


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