Multifamily Properties Require Unique Surveillance Measures to Ensure Resident Safety and Minimize Risk to Owners

Multifamily properties have been a slow adopter to the latest technology security and surveillance advancements. Decentralized decisions, lack of onsite technologists, partnerships with construction audio-video companies – there are many reasons why the industry has lagged.  The last two years have seen incredible growth in responsibility of owners and managers to provide a reasonable attempt at surveillance and controlled access at properties; not only to help sell residents but also to evict unruly residents and provide liability for the owners.

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Risk Management

Multifamily owners are always under risk with security.  Are you doing enough?  Some reasonable action is expected at all properties in this day.  Are you giving your system the best opportunity to be of value, or are you dumping a DVR appliance in a closet and hoping it works in 6 months?


Organizational Control

Do you know what system is at ‘Property XYZ’ and how to access it in an emergency.  If you had a call right now, could you or your security/IT folks get the video from a mobile device and send to police?  Is it documented or are similar cameras used at one property as another?



Are you aware of the solutions that are available and are you taking advantage of cloud technologies to stay current?


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